The Puritans could rely on the Geneva Bible as their source for “Sola Scriptura”. The Geneva Bible symbolizes the relation between Calvin, who took part in its edition, and the future United States of America. 150 years later, the Geneva Protestant Albert Gallatin was its finance minister and a leading entrepreneur.

The Geneva Bible (26)

This Bible owes its name to its translation undertaken in Geneva by English refugees fleeing the overly Catholic reign of Mary Tudor. As early as 1560 and for more than 50 years, it was considered to be the main English language Bible before being replaced by The King James version. King James I did not appreciate its overly critical comments on monarchs. Very much influenced by the Genevan Reformation, the Geneva Bible fitted the mindset of the Pilgrim Fathers who brought it to America.

Geneva Bible, 1562, Musée historique de la Réformation, Geneva,
entrusted to the International Museum of the Reformation.

Gallatin (27)

The Geneva Protestant Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) was a prominent historical figure in the United States. After emigrating there in 1780, he founded the city of New Geneva, was appointed to the House of Representatives and then became President Thomas Jefferson’s Secretary of Finance from 1801 to 1813. In this capacity, he addressed in French to the American Congress on December 9, 1806, a statement of customs resources collected during the year by the United States, amounting to 13,083,823 piasters. A record!

On loan from the Museum of the Swiss in the World,
Domaine de Penthes, Facsimile.