Among the two main American Protestant periodicals, one is conservative, one liberal. The conservative one has print run that is sevenfold that of its liberal counterpart, which shows that American Christianity has been increasingly leaning towards the right compared to the 1960s.

Christianity Today (51)

It is one of the leading evangelical periodicals in the United States. Founded in 1956 by Billy Graham, its editorial line follows the positions of the famous preacher: conservative when it comes to Christian theology, but liberal on social justice matters. With 250,000 readers, its March 20th edition, in the run-up to Covid, mentioned a letter from Luther about the plague, the prospect of an unceremonious Easter celebration and an encouragement to imitate Christ in his dealings with the sick.

The Christian Century (52)

Founded in 1894, this liberal weekly magazine has a readership of 36,000 people. Since its creation, it has supported the historical-critical approach to the Bible, the defence of minorities and the civil rights movement. A March 2020 issue featured a report on the new religious attitudes of American youth, a reflection from the Book of Lamentations on Coronavirus, and a column against fossil fuel subsidies.