Temporary exhibition | 11th April - 19th August 2018

Unusual 18th-Century Figures

REPRINT : Print your own copy of these unique engravings on the MIR’s Gutenberg Press!

In 1723, two Huguenot refugees in Amsterdam began publishing Religious Ceremonies and Customs of all the Peoples of the World. A compilation of everything that was known at the time about the world’s religions, it revolutionised the way Europeans viewed religion, and foreshadowed the progress of toleration during the Enlightenment.

Extending to 3400 pages and illustrated with 260 engravings, five of the seven volumes of this remarkable encyclopedia are displayed at the MIR alongside a huge Gutenberg press. Under the supervision of a docent, visitors of all ages are invited to print their own engraving by placing a sheet of paper on the press and pulling the lever. After a few minutes, the engraving is dry and ready to take home! Outside of workshop hours, visitors are offered a preprinted copy of an engraving.

Don’t miss this unique interactive exhibition, which also features the famous 500th Anniversary Bible, printed in 2017 to mark the Reformation Jubilee, with the participation of 15,000 visitors and four contemporary artists.

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