Temporary exhibition | 21th June - 27th October 2019

The CineMIR

The Compagnie hall becomes a cinema

The eleven films of “Once Upon Many Times” are back

The Old Testament tells the beginnings of the world and humanity in various ways. To restore the narrative and poetic power of its original narratives, artist Serge Bloch and writer Frédéric Boyer created the book In the Beginning. Illustrated Stories from the Old Testament (Bayard, 2016/ Chronicle, 2017), 35 famous stories told his words, illustrations and animated short-films. Eleven of them are displayed here, lasting four minutes each, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Creation of the World, the Garden of Eden, the Drama of Cain and Abel, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the Laughter of Abraham and Sarah, the Sacrifice of Isaac, the Exodus from Egypt, the Fall of Jericho, the Poetry of the Song of Songs and the Tribulations of Jonah. Benefiting from the precious assistance of actor André Dussolier and composer Benjamin Ribolet, these screenings extend the “Once Upon Many Times” exhibition held in the MIR galleries between January 25th and May 19th, 2019. This extension in another format meets the wishes expressed by many visitors.

Free admission for visitors with a MIR admission ticket.

Drawings and illustrations: Serge Bloch
Texts and writing: Frédéric Boyer
Video creation: Serge Bloch, Samuel Bloch and Pascal Valty

In association with CENTQUATRE-PARIS