Temporary exhibition | 1st January - 31th December 2015

The Sky Before Us – Photography and sacred architecture (2015)

This photography exhibition is presented by the MIR (International Museum of the Reformation) and the Mamco (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) in celebration of their respective anniversaries.

In the process of collaborating on this project, the two Geneva cultural institutions, which focus on the history of art and ideas respectively, discovered that they shared a number of unsuspected affinities.

Four Swiss and international contemporary photographers were invited to contribute works that explore the diversity of places of worship. From the clandestine recesses of a cave in the Cévennes to the gilt mouldings of baroque altarpieces, from austere modernism to suburban London, they offer a fascinating overview of the world of faith. The diversity of these places of worship imply very different experiences, but also echo a central preoccupation of all sacred architecture: “to single out a finite space which protects us against the infinite” (Paul Tillich).

Interview with Samantha Reichenbach (in French)

Interview with David Lemaire (in French)

Full interviews with the artists (in French)

Angèle Laissue
Christof Klute
Cyril Porchet
David Spero

Take a look at the pictures of the opening ceremony