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The Salon – Aboard the Mayflower: The Sailing continues

Hop on the emblematic boat that crossed the Atlantic in 1620, and join the first Pilgrim Fathers of America. This unforgettable virtual reality experience was designed by Artanim.

The Salon hosts the virtual reality experience designed by Artanim for the exhibition “CALVIN IN AMERICA”: for 5 minutes, visitors are invited on board the ship that crossed the Atlantic in 1620.

In November 1620, shortly before disembarking from the Mayflower that transported them from Europe to the shores of North America, Orthodox Calvinists signed a mutual assistance agreement with the rest of the crew and passengers.

This treaty, the Mayflower Compact, is considered to be the first political agreement in the history of the United States. Its signature is depicted in bas-relief on Geneva’s Reformation Monument.

A virtual reality experience allows visitors to witness this key moment. A headset allows visitors to travel from the bas-relief to the Mayflower, where they witness the signing of the famous treaty. Finally, they get to see the first Mayflower settlers land in America from the deck of the ship.