Visit the MIR in complete safety thanks to the protection plan put in place (in French).


Protection Plan

“Compagnie” hall – SOP

Silence, and We’re Preaching!

From February 13th to August 30th, 2020
, the MIR screens an original film montage in the “Compagnie” hall. The film industry love preachers: countless films have featured them across decades. Eight videos are screened here to show you various aspects of the activities or personalities of Protestant preacher as prophets, leaders, shepherds, spiritual directors or priests.

Alongside this montage, five gowns designed by Albertine are also displayed in the Salon. They reflect the typology listed by French theologian André Gounelle, which underlines the specific ways ministers carry out their mission: as a Prophet, a Shepherd, a Leader, a Spiritual Director or a Priest.

To access the “Compagnie” hall, cross the MIR courtyard and enter through the door in front of the reception.

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1• Carl Theodor Dreyer, Ordet (1955)
2• Stefan Haupt, Zwingli (2019)
3• Charlie Chaplin, The Pilgrim (1923)
4• John Huston, Moby Dick (1956)
5• Alain Resnais, Love Unto Death (1984)
6• Michael Haneke, The White Ribbon (2009)
7• Charles Laughton, The Night of the Hunter (1955)
8• John Landis, The Blues Brothers (1980)