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MIR (The International Museum of the Reformation) was created without the support of public funds – which, for a Swiss or even European Museum, is an exceptional achievement. Its existence relies exclusively on private donors, whose generous support is the Museum’s lifeline.

Why support us?

In order to meet the expectations of its visitors, MIR has a  vast amount of projects for the coming years. The generous support from donors enables MIR to ensure its existence, the organization of annual exhibitions and events, the care and preservation of the collection and its enrichment through special acquisitions. Through donations, the Museum is able to fulfill its mission of engaging the public with history, facilitating dialogue with various audiences and preserving an essential part of history for the enrichment of present and future generations. 

How to make a donation to the International Museum of the Reformation ?

Fondation du Musée international de la Réforme
1204 Genève
Compte: 17-270913-9
IBAN: CH75 0900 0000 1727 0913 9

For more information: Gabriel de Montmollin, Director of the Museum

Tax deductions for US citizens

If you are a US citizen, we have a partnership with the Presbyterian Foundation. Please note your contributions are tax deductible via the website link

The International Museum of the Reformation is a private and independent institution, considered of public interest.