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Nuptials at St. Peter’s

Both pictures represent the Cour Saint-Pierre before and after the construction of the Maison Mallet between 1722 and 1725. They both show the former façade of the cathedral Saint-Pierre before its transformation in the mid-18th century. The cloister where the Reformation was voted in May 1536, which stood where the Maison Mallet currently stands, can still be seen on Diodati’s etching. The engraving based on Gardelle’s work shows the same place, after the building of the Maison Mallet that now houses the MIR.


Based on Robert Gardelle, View of the Mallet House and Saint-Pierre, engraving, 19th century, International Museum of the Reformation.
François Diodati, Noces devant Saint-Pierre, c. 1680. ©Musée historique de la Réformation, Geneva, exhibited at the MIR, Geneva.