A Collection of founding texts of the Reformation

14 prestigious testimonies of the beginnings of the Reformation

This collection on display at the MIR contains 14 independent works within a single binding. Printed in Latin, they all are original editions. Seven appeared in 1520, three in 1521, one in 1522 and three in 1523.

The 660-page work brings together nine authors: Martin Luther (40% of the texts), Ulrich Zwingli, Philipp Melanchthon and Leo X are featured among many others. Two fundamental texts to the beginnings of the Reformation are featured in this volume: Martin Luther’s Treatise On Christian Liberty and the Prelude On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, as well as an edition of the Papal Bull of Excommunication by Leo X along with a commentary by a disciple of the Reformer from Wittenberg.

Featuring major texts by Melanchthon and two writings by Zwingli, this collection brings together major testimonies of that era, when the Reformation evolved from an revolt within the Church to the creation of a new Church.

In order to make the most of the resources contained in this unique book, the MIR designed a specific Ipad that visitors can use to virtually flip through the many pages of the volume, read some of the translated passages, learn about the contents of the texts, or listen for the three-minute presentation by Professor Pierre Bühler, one of the leading experts on Luther and the beginnings of the Reformation.