Friday June 21th 2024 : Open 10am - 5pm


Committed to “thinking, resisting, sharing, discussing…”


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This room is dedicated to the modern and contemporary periods, with a focus on five forms of personal commitment:

Thinking, resisting, sharing

Twenty-one figures associated with Protestantism summarize their views on thought, politics and sharing in one sentence.


On the stage of a small Mondrian-style theater, 13 historical figures – including St. Paul, Elizabeth I, John Calvin and Martin Luther King – discuss two topics: Mary, and the issue of slavery.


Coordinated excerpts from 27 films and videos are presented on three screens, immersing you in various forms of protest, whether Protestant or secular in nature.


Six large reproductions of biblical drawings by Gustave Doré offer a short timeline of the life of Jesus, who is at the center of both Christianity and the Reformation. Also shown are three cartoon drawings by the artist Mix & Remix.


Tucked into a small alcove, theologian Karl Barth speaks for a couple of minutes on an important point in contemporary Protestant theology.

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