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Visiting the permanent exhibition

The Museum can help public and private schools teach the history of Geneva and the Reformation to students at all levels – primary, secondary and post-compulsory – whether they’re from the canton of Geneva or elsewhere.

School visits last approximately one hour and can take place in one of five languages: English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

No fee is charged for visits by Geneva public school classes. All other schools, public or private, from Switzerland or another country, must pay the corresponding fee.

Educational materials for teachers and guides can be downloaded (text in French):

Educational file

Visiting the temporary exhibition

Twice a year, the Museum presents a temporary exhibition on specific themes or topics of current interest. Educational materials are developed for each of these exhibitions.

Guided or self-guided tours for schools are possible. Guided tours of the temporary exhibitions last approximately one hour and can be run in French, English or German.

Our next temporary exhibition from June 13, 2024 is “Playing with gods“.


For reservations or specific requests, please send an email to:


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