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The Reformation in music

My heart overflows with gratitude to the music that has so often consoled me and lifted me out of g...

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During the night of October 17 to 18, 1534, this manifesto with the provocative title was "posted up" in Paris, Tours, Orleans, Blois, Rouen, and even in Amboise in the royal castle: True articles on the horrible, great and importable abuses of the Papal Mass… This is a radical critique of the real presence of Christ in the Last Supper.

It causes a huge scandal and arouses a strong Catholic reaction: an expiatory procession is led by Francis I in person, outraged by a movement that he previously considered with a certain benevolence, but which this time goes beyond the limits. His authority seems to him to be flouted. The repression hardens against heretics and the ban is pronounced against any subsequent printing in France.
The author, Antoine Marcourt, is a French exile, pastor in Neuchâtel, where the first version of this text, which circulates for many years and knows several versions, is printed.

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