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40 years of the Barbier-Mueller Museum


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Exhibition outside the walls, 40 years of the Barbier-Mueller museum. Four rooms in the museum illustrate themes from the MIR.

In this anniversary year, four objects from the Barbier-Mueller collection are exhibited at the MIR, illustrating, once again, the links that unite the two institutions. In the first room of the museum, the public is greeted by an imposing object from the Toba Batak of Indonesia, a community which has the particularity of having founded, in the early thirties, a national Protestant Church with a Lutheran character.

A Kongo “force object”, showing the figure of a warrior armed with a spear and strewn with nails, is on display until August 20 in the room devoted to the wars of religion. To echo the education that took a central place in the Geneva of Calvin’s time, it is a pottery from Burkina Faso, symbol of the transmission of ancestral knowledge, that can be admired. Finally, an old statue from Costa Rica, depicting an executioner, his victim’s head under his arm, resonates with the punishments once perpetrated on Protestants in the period following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

Samantha Reichenbach, curator of the MIR

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