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It was several times. Eve, Noah, Moses and many others


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Prepare your visit Ticketing Future event Ville de Genève, Musées d'art et d'histoire Crédits photographiques : © Musée d'art et d'histoire, Ville de Genève, photographe : Yves Siza Auteurs : Ferdinand Hodler (Berne, 14.03.1853 — Genève, 19.05.1918) Titre : L'Unanimité Datations : 1912/1913 Matières et techniques : Huile sur toile mise au carreau; Peinture Dimensions : haut.: 52.5 cm; larg.: 163 cm; Haut 52.5, larg 163 cm N° d’inventaire : 1939-0044

Protestantism's relationship to democracy

Thursday, May 2, International Museum of the Reformation, 6:30pm (in French) Could Reformed Prot...

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Fifteen fantastic stories from the Bible come to life at the MIR: on the very top floor of the Tower of Babel, embarked on Noah’s ark or in the belly of the fish with Jonah, the visitor is immersed in the heart of a living and colorful universe by two text and image virtuosos.

The artist Serge Bloch – illustrator of the “Max and Lili” series – and the writer Frédéric Boyer recreate for an audience of all walks of life and of all ages the poetic world of the founding stories of the Old Testament.

Installed in the permanent exhibition of the MIR, screens on one, two, and sometimes even three walls follow one another from one room to another, enhanced by frescoes, drawings and texts that are both aesthetic and educational.

Actor André Dussolier lends his voice to the eleven films in the exhibition.

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