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When digital comes to the museum


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With its transformation, the museum has taken advantage of the latest technologies to interest its public in the collections. In particular, digital technology has provided an enriching complement to museography.

A visitor assistance system in ten languages has been developed using new tools based on artificial intelligence. But this does not replace human expertise and inspiration. Over 350 explanatory texts have been written by the MIR teams to comment on the works on display. The new digital tools enable them to expand their audience to include English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Chinese visitors.

The animation of several works is another example of the use of digital technology at MIR. Using augmented reality technology, virtual and real elements are combined to better situate, understand and explain the works in French, German and English. 15 of them benefit from it. The Dutch painting of an Old Woman Reading the Bible comes to life on a screen in front of it, indicating Protestantism’s relationship with women. The painting of the famous Temple de Paradis, depicting the interior of a 16th-century Protestant building, features Catholic furnishings to underline the difference with the Reformed. As for Melanchthon, portrayed by Cranach, he becomes the museum’s first guide with a short speech that ends with a metamorphosis.

  • To be discovered at the MIR with iPads and iPhones available at reception.