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The Descent from the Cross, Rembrandt van Rijn, 1634 © Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg)


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Tuesday, February 13, Musée International de la Réforme, 6:30
pm (in French)

Religion is very present in Rembrandt’s work. This can be seen in the exhibition Rembrandt and the Bible, on show at the MIR until March 17. The Dutch artist knew the Bible very well. He owned numerous engravings, drawings and paintings by predecessors and colleagues on the subject of religion. He drew inspiration from them to create an engraving of exceptional quality.

But was he the only one to do so? What was the context of his work? Who were his contemporaries, and who competed with him? Who bought his engravings, and how could we measure the enthusiasm of the Dutch public for biblical representations?

To answer these questions, art historian and Professor at the University of Geneva Jan Blanc will paint a fascinating portrait of religious and artistic Holland in Rembrandt’s time, in what promises to be a fascinating lecture.


Free conference, in French, free financial contribution.
Registration strongly recommended.



  • 6 pm : free tour of the permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • 6:30 pm : lecture
  • 8 pm : drinks


Jan Blanc

Jan Blanc is an art historian and Professor of Modern Art History at the University of Geneva. He specializes in 17th-century French, Flemish and Dutch art, 18th-century British art and art literature of the modern period (15th-18th centuries).

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