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Museum concerts

Etching of William Hogarth, A Chorus of Singers, 1732


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My heart overflows with gratitude to the music that has so often consoled me and lifted me out of great misfortune. Martin Luther

The Musée International de la Réforme is organizing three singing recitals on Sundays, February 11, March 3 and March 17, 2024 at 6pm in its superb entrance hall, which has been converted into a concert hall.

In collaboration with the International Singing Academy (ISA), three duos of singers will perform pieces linked to the Reformation in the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic periods respectively.

Each concert lasts around an hour. It is preceded by an introduction highlighting the links between the program, the Reformation and the MIR. After the applause, an aperitif is offered to the performers and audience.

Concert 1: Sunday, February 11, 2024 at 6pm – Amour qui n’est qu’Amour

This program, combining music and poetry, sorrows and smiles, highlights the influence of the Reformation on the development of lyrical art, particularly in France and Spain.

Poems read by Agrippa d’Aubigné and Pierre de Ronsard.

Sung works by Gabriel Bataille, Luys de Narváez, Luis de Milán, Esteban Daza, José Marín, Santiago de Murcia, Juan Hidalgo and Gaspar Sanz.

Performers :

  • Sofía Rauss, soprano
  • Samuel Moreno, bass-baritone
  • Gustavo Reyna, vihuela and guitar

Concert 2 : Sunday,March 3, 2024 at 6pm – Baroques protestants

This concert celebrates musical geniuses. Female voices resonate in harmony with the spirit of the Reformation. Monteverdi, from a different tradition, invites inspiring simplicity.

Works by Heinrich Schütz, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friederich Händel, Claudio Monteverdi.

Performers :

  • Sophie Negoïta, soprano
  • Xenia Ganz, mezzo-soprano
  • Matthieu Schweyer, clavecin

Concert 3 : Sunday March 17, 2024 at 6pm – Motifs protestants

Revisit in music the main themes linked to the Reformation, such as the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, but also the great names who made the history of the Reformation.

Works by Giacomo Meyerbeer, Gaetano Donizetti, Georges Enesco, Camille Saint-Saëns, Hugo Wolf, Vaughan Williams.

Performers :

  • Stéphanie Guérin, mezzo-soprano
  • Rémi Ortega, baryton
  • Inna Petcheniouk, piano

Practical information

Lieu : Musée International de la Réforme, 10, Cour de Saint-Pierre, 1204 Genève

Heure : 6pm

Ticket prices :

1 Concert :      30 CHF / 25 CHF (AVS and unemployed) / 15 CHF (Students and under 20s).

2 Concerts :     50 CHF / 42 CHF (AVS and unemployed) / 25 CHF (Students and under 20s).

3 Concerts :     70 CHF / 58 CHF (AVS and unemployed) / 35 CHF (Students and under 20s).