Saturday April 13th 2024 : Open 10am - 5pm


Picture : Lundi13/Nicolas Righetti


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Are you interested in the Rembrandt and the Bible exhibition, but reluctant to bring your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces? Don’t hesitate!

Here are ten reasons why visiting the exhibition with your family is a must.

Because… the Museum is offering three tours for families with children on Wednesdays January 17, February 14 and March 13 from 3 to 4 pm. On the menu: guided tour of the exhibition, followed by an etching workshop on the Museum’s famous letterpress. Registration required (ages 7 and up).

Because… the Rembrandt and the Bible exhibition offers both content and audiovisual accompaniment that will appeal to your young people. A three-minute video explains the techniques used by the artist to engrave his works. And simply scan an etching and the audio guide (in 10 languages) will explain everything about the scene in front of you.

Because… every afternoon from Tuesday to Sunday, installed two-thirds of the way along the tour, the manual press, a reproduction of a 15th-century letterpress, lets visitors print a print themselves.

Children can choose from five different motifs representing a detail from one of the etchings on display, plus two drawings by Zep explaining the history of printing. Take them home and, why not, color them in?

Because it’s never too early to introduce children to the fine arts! Rembrandt’s etchings are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, as is the exhibition’s carefully designed, user-friendly scenography. Even art-historical stars like Rembrandt are accessible to all – as demonstrated by Rembrandt and the Bible.

Because… Rembrandt and the Bible is a fantastic storytelling machine! The stories told in the Bible are as compelling as those of Greco-Latin mythology. And from Netflix series to Christmas tales, everyone loves a story!

Because… the ability to concentrate is not a matter of age or size! Don’t be afraid of the modest size of some etchings: a child is just as captivated by the details as you are. Grab their attention by pointing to an object or character in the work.

Because… children love animals, and Rembrandt’s etchings are teeming with dogs and cats, elephants, lions, dromedaries and snakes. Some are linked to biblical symbolism, such as the serpent, incarnation of Satan, the lion, companion of St. Jerome, or the elephant, symbol of wisdom. The dogs are reminiscent of the characters’ domestic and familiar lives. Ask your children to look for the animals!

Because… the exhibition allows you to compare different versions of the same story, and that’s always fun. The Nativity, for example, as well as the Flight into Egypt of Mary, Joseph and their little Jesus, or St. Jerome and the lion he heals of its wounded paw, are depicted multiple times. Can you spot the differences?

Because… you can be interested in the Bible without being a believer! On the contrary, the exhibition aims to desacralize this founding book, to allow everyone to find their own way through it, and to open the minds and senses of all visitors.

Because… children love to draw, and they’ll love seeing what Rembrandt, a precocious genius, drew for them and the rest of the world! Who knows, perhaps a visit to the exhibition will inspire them to follow in his footsteps?

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