Saturday April 13th 2024 : Open 10am - 5pm

International Museum of the Reformation

What is MIR?

The MIR (International Museum of the Reform) presents the history of the Protestant Reformation of which Martin Luther and Jean Calvin were in particular the initiators. Several hundred objects, books, manuscripts, paintings, engravings as well as audiovisual devices distributed in nine spaces underline the evolutions of this movement which permanently transformed European and then world Christianity. Geneva was one of its founding cities in the 16th century. During the work, the MIR reformed its permanent route and the spaces provided for temporary exhibitions. We find there the masterful works of the first MIR and their chronological arrangement in the rooms of the Maison Mallet, but inscribed in a different scenographic treatment and augmented by new works, each as exciting as the other. The audiovisual and educational proposals have been expanded as well as the explanatory languages of the exhibitions, which now number nine thanks to a new generation of audioguides. The permanent exhibition “A History of the Reformation” is thus aimed at ever more diverse audiences of cultures, ages and sensibilities. Find out more about the new scenography Five rooms will present two temporary exhibitions each year. The first, Déflagrations, will exhibit 140 drawings by child victims of war over a century, from 14-18 to the Ukrainian war. Poignant testimonies put into perspective thematically and punctuated by several audiovisual sequences. Discover the Déflagrations exhibition

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